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NEW Heat-Sealable Paper Range

Updated: Apr 26

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Multiplastics has introduced four new innovative heat-sealable papers, which marks a significant step forward in the packaging industry, especially for paper flow-wrapping and over-wrapping applications. This range stands out as they are ALL kerbside recyclable and offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging solutions.

Each product is tailored for different applications but all are suitable for direct food contact including a high-barrier option. So whether you want to wrap cereal, grab-n-go snacks, screws, cutlery, create bags and envelopes or over-wrap cosmetics we can demonstrate the adaptability in various industrial uses; which shows Multiplastics has addressed the growing demand for sustainable and recyclable paper packaging that more and more companies are looking for.

The versatility of our range of Heat Sealable Paper is evident in their compatibility with both flexo and gravure printing methods, which allows for high-quality branding opportunities directly on the packaging all while supporting environmental sustainability efforts by being kerbside recyclable.


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