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Cut Sheets, Bags and Pouches

As well as films, Multiplastics can also offer several customisable products:

We can offer Polypropylene sheets cut to your exact size requirements.


These are generally used for hand wrapping and can be supplied:

  • Clear

  • Tinted Colours

  • Silver (Metallised)

  • Gold

or Fully printed with your own design.

Suitable for:


  • Bakeries (Christmas Pudding, Cakes etc.)
  • Bouquets

  • Butchers (Meat, Sausages etc. )

  • Delicatessens

  • Frozen Goods (Burgers etc.)

  • Gifts

  • Hampers

  • Interleaving (Cheese, Fish, Meat, Pasta etc.

Cut Sheets

We can offer a range of Polypropylene Bags in several different formats including:

  • Gusseted Bags

  • Lap-Seal

  • Side-Seal

  • Side-Weld

  • Standup Pouches

  • Wicketted Bags


Lap-Seal bags have one seal at the back of the bag similar to a bag of crisps. These are generally tougher and have the seal hidden at the back, the end result is a better, tougher looking bag for your products. Side gussets can also be added for bulky or larger products.



Side-Seal bags are superior in strength as the seals are manufactured using a heat-sealing bar. This style of bag is used to pack bulkier and heavier products where watertight seals are essential. A bottom gusset can also be added to transform the bag into a stand-up pouch.



Side-Weld bags are flat bags with welded side seals and a folded or welded bottom. These bags are generally used for lighter products such as:

  • Cards
  • Stationery
  • Toys

Contact us for further details or with your enquiry.

Stand-up Pouches
Crimp Bottom Bags

Clear or Coloured Sheets:

Bags and Pouches:

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